Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Previous Posts

Here are a list of previous posts which may be of benefit:

Short Articles:

Jealousy - This article is about being jealous of a person and its remedy.

Diamond Under The Hijab - This article is about the great virtue of a person who wears hijab.

The Father, The Son & The Donkey - This article is about the ways people may be affected by what their friends may say about them.

Be Happy & Not Grumpy - This article is about those people who always wish to be grumpy and never cheeful.

Longer Articles:

Let's Leave It In The Past - This article is about the way people abuse others who have lived a life of sin then changed.

Environmental Issues - This article is about how our day to day lives can change us.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight - This article is about sleeping at correct times and overcoming insomniac nights.


My Friend & Me - This poem is about friendship.

Anger - This poem is about the anger a person feels.

To The One Who Bears Me In His Heart - This is poem is about the faults of a person.

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