Monday, 2 March 2009

Tips - Waking up for Fajr

Today a common problem for many people is the issue of getting up for Fajr and praying Isha. The many Ahadith state, "The most burdensome prayers for the hypocrites are Isha and Fajr…" Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umar radiallahu anhuma used to say, "If we did not see a person at Fajr and Isha prayers, we would think badly of him." The most beloved thing at this point no longer remains our Mussala (prayer mat) but our warm, comfy beds. This prayer holds immense virtues just like the rest but is one of the most neglected prayers. For one, “Whoever prays Fajr is under the protection of Allah." However, here are a few tips that you could adhere to perhaps if you are struggling from waking up for Fajr.

  • To make a very strong intention is really necessary. It will be really hard to wake up for Fajr when your heart does not even fully want to. It is a necessity that one clenches his fists and makes it clear to his nafs (desires) and shaytaan that he will wake up for Fajr no matter what.

  • To make Dua'a in abundance the night before. One should really try his best to make Dua'a from his heart and beg Allah Ta'ala to make the struggle of waking up for Fajr easy. This will give the heart contentment too that your intention is not half hearted but a sincere plea to Allah Ta'ala. The intention and Dua'a together are like the brick and cement of a house, the building will fail to establish itself with both of them.

  • Many people fail to realise that what they do the night before contributes to whether they wake up in the morning or not. It is very difficult for a person to wake up for Fajr if he spends the night watching TV, speaking to the opposite gender on the phone, MSN or indulging in other Haraam. This will intoxicate his mind with other things besides Allah Ta'ala. However, if Allah Ta'ala was the last thing we went to sleep thinking about then most assuredly (inshallah) He will be the first thing we think about in the morning. This too will help wake us up inshallah.

  • One should keep an alarm on his phone or clock. Many phones have the ability to have five alarms, one should set all these alarms as perhaps one them may get you out of bed. It is also an idea to keep the phone away from your bed so that you do not press 'snooze' or 'off'.

  • Get friends who are steadfast or who also have a desire to pray Fajr and ring one another in the morning. Leave your phone on loud so that it wakes you up.

  • Sleep early the night before, avoid getting into a scheme where you sleep extremely late and are not able to wake up for Fajr. Some from among us may have insomnia and in situations like this it is really important to keep someone close who can wake you up with care and love.

  • Once you get into the habit of reading Fajr, it doesn't matter how late you sleep, your eyes will automatically wake up at the time of Fajr and soon you will find it firm in your life (inshallah). One should continually make Dua'a and seek the help of Allah Ta'ala.

  • After waking up, it is quite hard to sleep. One should make Dhikr, Istigfaar and send Durood Sharif in this time. Those who have permission for Dhikr bil Jahr should fix this time to do so. Also, those who are Talaba should use this time to do Mutala of their kitabs and to make Dua'a that Bari Ta'ala maintains and increases their memory.

  • Ponder over the words Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu proclaimed a short while before his death. "There is no Islam for the one who leaves his prayer."

Much more can be said but I fear Shaytaan may cause your wonderful eyes to close before you finish this article. May Allah Ta'ala give me and you all the ability to protect each one of our prayers. May He make it easy for us and create a deep love for prayer in our hearts. Ameen


Anonymous said...

Asalaamau alikum wrwb. Jzk for the article brother. Could you please explain the following, as there are many terms which I have not come across before and do not understand. Jzk

"Those who have permission for Dhikr bil Jahr should fix this time to do so. Also, those who are Talaba should use this time to do Mutala of their kitabs and to make Dua'a that Bari Ta'ala maintains and increases their memory."

Anonymous said...

It means that students of knowledge should spend this time revising their books and should beg Allah Ta'ala to increase them in their memory.

Anonymous said...

Salaam i just want to say that a muslim shuldnt really sleep after fajr unless fajr is at like 4.. ideally we should be awake by 6:30-7ish.

as a muslimah student i find this very beneficially as there is so much barakat in the moring that all your work will be done quick and you will understand things better InshaAllah

It is the best time to memorize the Quraan.