Friday, 6 November 2009

Poetry: Anger

I am not sad, unhappy or depressed. I am angry.
Veins pumping, blood boiling, it’s all raging within me.
Misunderstanding is my fuel and ignorance is my lighter,
It sets alight inside of me a fire ready to cause disaster.
A mind which has drunk from the glass of distress,
Has a heart ready to hurt all those who know less.
That’s why I am no longer sad, unhappy or depressed. I am angry.
I am stuck behind a thousand locked doors and I have lost the key.
I feel so lost without You, I am wondering around the banks of misguidance,
Where do I turn when every path is proving to be a hinderance?
A body that has lost the will to be a pillow,
All softness has been removed from me, I now feel hollow.
So what should a person do when all he can see is red?
And finds it hard to forgive people before he retires to his bed.
A body that circulates hate from within,
Every shout, strike, swear results in a sin.
My tears of anger are enough to burn the bonds of relation,
To the extent that old friends have suffered identity mutilation.
So what good is sight if it remains blinded from correct judgement?
If the mind is out of place and can’t make the right arrangement?
Now what does a man do when belligerence becomes an addiction?
And his hostile heart disappears as if it was a part of mere fiction?
The answer is between the choice of standing up and sitting down.
Between smiling and giving a frown.
It is between the light of Islam and the darkness of rejection,
Between the heat of a hostility and the coolness of ablution.
It is between a foul word and a Prophetic prayer,
Between the sound of madness and the trickle of a tear.
It is between loving and hating,
But truly... it lies between forgiving and forgetting.


Anonymous said...

1 of ur best yet mashAllah

muhazam said...

mashaallah get in der my brodaaa, keep it up

Anonymous said...

u shud do def jam poetry