Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Seeing as my two friends Abdul Baasit and Abdus Subhan have written articles about university, I thought I would also write something as I too started a while back. I am writting this article to tell you about some of the fitnahs and issues that the youngsters of today are facing in universities from my personal experience.

On the Day of Qiyamah , when the sun will be above our head, there will be seven categories of people that will be under the shade of ALLAH, and one them people will be that person that spent his youth in the obedience of ALLAH.

We see nowadays that many youngsters spend most of their time chilling , enjoying 'the good life' but this is only in this world and there will be nothing for them in hereafter. The reason that people nowadays are living this type of life is because they do not know the real reason why ALLAH created us. ALLAH says in the Quran, "I created mankind and Jinns only to worship Me", of course we can have our aspirations of becoming a doctor or a businessman etc, but the true purpose is to worship ALLAH.

We also see in university how people change. They see other people doing haraam acts such as clubbing, drinking , smoking and they will go with the flow. A real Muslim is that person who stands up against something that is bad and haraam, he doesnt 'go with the flow'! Us youngsters face a lot of fitnahs in university, but we need to learn how to be strong and how to protect ourselves from these fitnahs, if we seek refuge from ALLAH and seek ALLAH'S help we will find the strength to keep away from these fitnahs. Being strong doesn't mean that you can beat up some one, being strong is when you see people going towards that haraam, but within yourself you know it is wrong and as a result of that, you stand up against it and abstain from it.

Us youngsters should realise that death can strike any second but unfortunately we have been blinded by the beauty of this world and we start doing things that are against the will of ALLAH. The rememberance of death will keep you away from any bad actions that you have the intention of doing inshallah. A good book to read is 'The Rememberance of Death' by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya rahmatullahi alayh. We should always think about death, who will be by our side, how our last breath will be, will we be in pain, where will we die, in what state etc. We should think about how people will give our dead body a ghusl, then tie us in the white sheets and then place us in the mud and leave us in the darkness of the grave..

By staying away from the things that are haraam ALLAH will be please with us. Being at university myself, I see how hard it is for a person to practice his deen and to stay away from fitnahs, the best things we can do to stay away from fitnahs is to be with people that remind you of almighty ALLAH. Inshallah you will then find it easy to keep away from the bad things that are going on in university. We also need to choose our friend wisely, if you are with good people then you are most likely to do good actions but if you are with people that smokes drinks and goes clubbing after a while you will be following, so that why it is very important to choose our friends wisely. Click here to read more

This is just a small summary of what has been mentioned in the two previous articles, inshallah it will be of benefit

May ALLAH give all of us guidance and help us to stay away from the fitnah of this world and may ALLAH forgives us and grant us JANNAH. ameeen

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