Saturday, 31 October 2009

Following Idiotic People In Society

This is a broad topic I must say, so I think I should start off from the root of the problem, desiring popularity. There are people who are want to be, "ghetto", and are willing to do what it takes just to be looked at by their peers or cousins with abit of respect. They want to be the ones who are recognised and talked about. They want the name and the status. They want all the hype and all the fame. They are the ones who will walk upon this earth in such a way that it seems as though they own the streets and that they can do whatever they want because it doesn't matter, as long as they are having "jokes" thats all that matters. These are the ones that are willing to steal or rob something that they don't have. These are the ones that will get involved in fights when they don't need to. These are the ones that will chat soo much rubbish that when you find out what really happened you'd think, "what a clown!".

When a person does act in the above manner all that happens is that people lose respect for him, he has no honour or dignity and soon he himself will lose all shame and won't care about what he is doing or who he is doing it with. As soon as this happens the hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wasallam comes to mind where it comes to the nearest effect, "Belief (Imaan) and the sense of shame (hayaa) are tied together; if one is lost the other is lost."(Al-Hakim). I don't think I need to say anymore because that hadeeth on its own delivers the message loud and clear.

Then there are those who are the followers of such a person, who are labelled, "The Sheep!". These are the ones that will laugh even when the jokes aren't even funny. These are the ones that will say, "err... yeah... ok.." when really they just wanna say "no!". These are the ones that will defend themselves by saying, "No, no, no we don't drink alcohol or smoke, we just sit and chill with them but they do all of that!". It's like such a strange world, a person will want to be seen hanging around a person that takes certain drugs and drinks haraam substances just for the satisfaction that people will recognize him as part of that crew. He will smile when he is with that crew and he will sit there happily as he is surrounded by nothing but acts of destruction and he will think he is safe and clean because he doesn't do any of that stuff. Until one day feeling down and depressed after having a bad day, he joins the lads for a night out and is offered drink that will take away his miseries. Then as the arabic saying goes, "...once you've tasted it, there's no going back...".

It's been sad to see that there are people out there who really live their life just to please others, and they will strive and struggle just to be liked and to be accepted. They themselves will be seen as the, "loser" of the year group who has no life at all and will be the most annoying person that nobody wants to be seen with. He will chase after the girls trying to make them all laugh and giggle at his cheesy lines and lame jokes, but all that happens is that he becomes the guy who is labelled with, "...The Cooties! ( or The Lurgis!)..." where people just find him repulsive and don't even want to be anywhere near him. If he has a car then he will be the personal chauffeur where anyone who needs a ride will just call him up and he will come running to be anybodys slave. His money will be rinsed out on petrol and whenever he needs a favour all he gets is, "ahh sorry bro, I'm abit busy".

Such a person doesn't just have his hereafter ruined but also his deen and dunya is completley destroyed and loses out on both worlds. He ruins his life because his studies go down the toilet, his youth is too busy running after others that he neglects his own islamic learning or progression, so what type of life is such a person living? and where will it lead?

"Whosoever desires honour, power and glory then to Allah belong all honour, power and glory [and one can get honour, power and glory only by obeying and worshipping Allah (Alone)]... (Surah Fatir)

Anyway, I think more than enough has been said so lets call it a day. Remember me in your duas. May Allah Ta'alaa reward you all for spending your time to read the articles which we put up. Ameen.

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