Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Quick Comment

Alhamdulilah our website is more active than before, but with this increase of activity the level of stupidness has also increased. It's a shame people have to resort to stupid anonymous comments to try and put their view across especially when these comments are sometimes of a provocative nature. Makes us wonder whether the intentions behind these comments are there for the right reasons.

Those people who are writing such comments need to think before they write. There's a small saying, "It's better to look stupid then open your mouth and prove it", that can also be applied to the comments too, "It's better to look stupid then write a comment and prove it", especially when these comments contain some basic spelling and grammar mistakes e.g "...people look up to you for advise, how ignorent..." (advice*, ignorant*). For those of us that passed our gcse's in english, mistakes like these really do make us cringe. (Note: We don't mind people writing in slang (obviously) as this is a site for youths, so that's a different case.)

Similarly the level of intelligence shown in these comments, really does make us laugh. For example, when we receive comments like, " ignorent, you have to copy and paste...", but one day earlier this same person went and pressed, "Ctrl + v" and gave us three separate fatawas from islam-qa! ...Deary me!

We appreciate it when people share their opinions about the website, or what's been written in a post. We appreciate it if people write comments to correct any mistakes that have been made and we appreciate negative feedback/complaints from our readers, as long as the intention behind the comment is there to either sincerely help the progression of islam/the website, or any other beneficial motive. However, when these comments have a wiff of malice/hate/pride inside them, then nothing comes to mind more than the hadeeth narrated by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) which says: "Sometimes a person says something good but he does not realize how far will his words go. Yet it earns him the pleasure of Allah till the day he will meet Him. On the other hand sometimes a person says something bad, although he does not realize how far his words will go. Yet it earns him the wrath of Allah till the day he will meet Him." [Tirmizi, Ibn Maaja, Muwwata Imam Malik].

If we write something and you find it offensive/upsetting then just leave a comment asking for it to be changed.

Anyway, jazakallah for your time and attention. Please do stay safe online and if you wish to write a comment then remember to, "Fear Allah as He should be feared. Know that He is All-Seeing, All-Knowing and All-Hearing" and lastly, Abû Hurayrah (May Allah be pleased with him) relates that Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent.


Anonymous said...

Yes you can feel stupid, because "Advise" is right N really get over the fact that typos do happen.

Anonymous said...

Indeed people should get a grip and know that what is written is recorded. May Allah Ta'ala forgive us all. Post well written, may Allah Ta'ala grant you and ikhlaas and accept.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! OMG dis guy must b reli dumb or somefin bro allow him innit

Anonymous said...

Lol, is that comment at the top the response to the article? Loool he still don't get it haha. What a plonker!

Anonymous said...

For the comment at the top, its actually "advice" with a C which fits into that particular sentence. If you have nothing nice to say then its best you don't say anything.
Anyway, this blog is for a beneficial means to gain knowledge and understanding about Islam and people should use it with the right intention. This is a very good post and its good that you raised this issue.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! LOL!

To ADVISE is a verb

and ADVICE is an abstract noun

LOL that is funny,bechara he/she put the dictionary and everything loollllll

Anonymous said...

let me give some ADVICE:

lets stop all these petty arguments! its really irritating me cos no one has anything nice to say about each other. If there are people who dont agree with what is written on this site then dont visit this site. all it will do is make you angry and make you write bad comments. whats the point? dont visit the site, start up ur own and gvie your dawah through there. there is no need to insult other people. I think that we shud just end this silly dispute that is going on. if people arent prepared to shake hands and be friends, then the least you can do is not say anything to each other which will be provoking. This is a religion is unity! all i can see is disunity. if im feeling disturbed by this then how will those bros and sis who are trying to increase their iman, feel. this may even make them confused or even doubt their choice of religion. because theyll be wondering whether islam is a religion about peace and unity or about arguments and wars? For the sake of the ummah, lets just not argue about these things anymore.

May Allah reward u for all the good you do amin.

wassalamu alaykum

Abdul Baasit said...

Yeah! Like the chorus from the nasheed on peace TV: "...peaceful peaceful peaceful peace...". That's what we need some good old peace!

Anonymous said...