Monday, 18 May 2009

Crossword 1: Sahabah radiallahu anhum

Assalamu Alaykum,

I have made a crossword for you to do in your free time! I understand that sometimes it is boring just reading and reading. So now you can interact too! The answers are at the bottom, no cheating or peeping until you give up. Jazakallah

Note: Do not use a marker on your computer screen! If you do, then write bewaqoof on your kopri (forehead) too!

The Sahabah radiallahu anhum

Now it is your job to go and find out the sacrifices these great people made.


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lol nice n unique post

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Fnx For Dis
Lol the red underlined note is jowkez

Anonymous said...

aishah - narrated the most ahadeeth out of d women sahabiyat, the most beloved wife of the prophet peace be upon him. she was young but acheived a lot of knowledge by the age of 18.

ali - 4th khalifah of islam, married one daughter of prophet peace be upon him. known as abut turab

uthman - 3rd khalifah of islam. married 2 daughters of the prophet peace be upon him. that's why he was called zun nurain

ammar - the cool sahabi luv his name

fatima - the daughter of the prophet peace be upon him. she wuld defend him wen she was small.

talhah and zubair - the two friends

abu bakr - always ahead of the other companions, the 1st khalifah. his daugher aishah married the prophet peace be upon him

umar - 2nd khalifah, his daughter hafsa married the propher peace be upon him
zaid - the adopted son of the prophet peace be upon him.
khalid - the sword of Allah.
kulsoom - the daughter of the prophet peae be upon him

bilal - the black sahabi who called out the 1st azan

abu hurayrah - spent only a couple of yrs with the prophet peace be upon him but narrated the most hadeeths fromh im

abu ubaidah - one of the ten shaabis promised jannah

sawaad - took part in battles
salama - the son of umm salama and abu salama. his mother married the prophet peace be upon him

zainab - the daughter of the prophet peace be upon him

summaiyah - the 1st woman martyr in Islam

hamzah - the uncle of the prophet peace be upon him. he was very dear to the prophet peace be upon him

asmaa - the sister of aishah, the daughter of abu bakr. she raised some good questions to the prophet peace be upon him
yassar - was given as captive slave to zaid bin hairth and then became a muslim to remember

khadija - the wife of the prophet peace be upon him. she was there with him peace be upon him during some of his most difficult times when he asked her to cover him, she covered him, she was his 1st wife.

saad - also one of the ten promised jannah

other readers can put the specific facts of the great sacrifices they made for Islam, this is just a starter.

gud post, a way to learn islam thru different methods. may Allah reward u.

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pray u do well in ur exam 2moro!

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ahahaha abdus subhaan yaara wer do u com out wit dese 4rm?

Abu Huzayfa said...

Assalamu Alaykum,

mashallah to the one who identified all the sahabah radiallahu anhum, Allah Ta'ala reward you for spending time ameen.

jazakallah for making dua'a, please continue to do so for myself and also Abdul Baasit sahib.


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Allah keep u both, n ur families, safe n free from any worries n troubles and protect u from all types of calamity n may He be by ur side in all times


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recordings are up! pow!

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Assalamu Alaykum,

Please make dua for my father as he is very ill at the moment and has been taken to the intensive care unit in hospital. So please make dua that Allah Ta'ala grants him shifaa and a quick recovery. Jazakallah.


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ameen may Allah accept this dua and grant him a quick shufa too ameen

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inshallah your dad will recover soonn!

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Hope your dad makes a full recovery inshallah.

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wah wah what a quote

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a question: how is Istikhara prayed?

Abdul Baasit said...

Wa Alaykumus Salaam,

Here's a link with the prayer on it.

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May Allah (SWT) grant your father shifaa soon inshaAllah. :)