Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Anecdotes of the Akabireen

Hazrat Sheikh rahmatullahi alayh said that someone asked Hazrat Ali radiallahu anhu,

"Would you have rather died in infancy and go straight to Jannah or grow up and take the risk?"

Hazrat Ali radiallahu anhu replied,

"I would rather grow up and be at risk rather than dying in infancy. In infancy, I would not have aquired the ma'rifah (recognition) of Allah. As of now, even though I am at risk, at least I have the ma'rifah of Allah. Further, to send me to Jannah is the prerogative of my beloved Allah."

Hazrat Sheikh rahmatullahi alayh said that life is really a thing to be appreciated. According to me a person should care for his health. Whether a person gets the taufeeq of doing nafl ibaadat or not, when he realizes that he is in so much comfort, he will begin to love Allah because a human being is indebted to on who bestows favours on him. When he realises how much of Allah's bounties he is enjoying, he will inevitably become attracted to Allah. His love for Allah will eventually lead to the ma'rifah of Allah.

Hazrat Sheikh rahmatullahi alayh mentions that a certain saint was engaged in reflecting on Allah. Coincidently, a doggy happened to pass from in front of him. The saint intently place his gaze on the dog. The result was that wherever the dog went, the other dogs followed it; and whenever it sat, the others sat around it. Then Hazrat remarked laughingly that it was as if the dog became the Sheikh of the other dogs. He further said that if the effect of a single gaze of a saint is such that animals benefit from it, how humans could remain deprived from such a gaze.

Upon occasion a murderer was executed by hanging. People dreamt that he was strolling in Jannah dressed in beautiful garments. Asked for the reason for his entry in Jannah despite being a murderer, he said,

"While I was hanging on the gibbet, Hazrat Habib Ajmi rahmatullahi alayh happened to pass by. He took pity on me and prayed for my forgiveness."

Subhanallah! Stories similar to these are endless, the reality is this that whenever they glanced at something, it became blessed. The only thing our eyes find is a girl, money, car.. and.. and a girl. Hazrat Sheikh rahmatullahi alayh mentions,

A young intelligent maiden was once walking through town, when some unscrupulous male cast an evil gaze and became enchanted upon her beauty. He followed her out of town some way. Sensing mischief, the youg lady abruptly turned around and confronted this man behind her, demanding sternly,

"Why are you following me?!"

"I have fallen in love with your enchanting beauty!" replied the male.

The wise maiden then commented,

"No big deal, a human falls in love with another human but i shall tell you a a secret. look over there, here comes my sister, she is younger and more pretty than me, if you were to fall in love with her... that really would be something!"

The fool turned around to have a look whereupon the young girl kicked him up the backside and said,

"SCOUNDREL! So is this upon what you claim love? The first news of somebody more attractive than me.... and you are willing to goggle and incline towards her?!"

Walkin away, she left the bewaqoof to sulk at his stupidity!


Anonymous said...

hahah stupidd man
im glad she kicked him

Anonymous said...

tru but it's a lesson 2 learn from 2 n if a man goes thru these things we shuld help dem rada dan laugh

Anonymous said...

good lord! men!

Anonymous said...

The talk will be going ahead on the 15th of July, as the venue (canteen) has been confirmed =)
and LooL to the comment above

Anonymous said...

thanx bro for sorting it out

Anonymous said...

sisters sorted it all out. nothing to with brothers

Anonymous said...

it's not a college event. it's an external one. we'll be hiring college for evengts but with different speakers n activites for others insha Allaah so keep a look out for the news coming.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

balle balle the event is gna rock n rooollll

Anonymous said...

I like the other colourful poster better, it was on the lsc isoc blog

Anonymous said...

no this 1 is gud

Anonymous said...

asalomo alikum

first of all i would like to say you brothers are doing a good job on this blog. if only i had thought of doing these things from when i started college. i recently started changing and attending the mosque more but something is getting to me. there is this gal in college who covers with the hijab i only noticed her recently maybe because i've stopped thinking about smoking and all those things. i see good in her but i wanted to know is it wrong of me to go to her to ask her if she would be interested in marriage? i do not want to go down the road of haram relationships but i dont know if this is allowed in islam or not? i'm finding it hard struggling friends and peer pressure so i thought i would come here i like your speeches but only now i realised that you are my true friends not the ones who i thought were mine smoking

Abu Huzayfa said...

Assalamu Alaykum,

Jazakallah for your compliments. It is down to the Grace of Allah Ta'ala and your dua'as.

No worries, never to late to spread knowledge. Allah Ta'ala give you the ability to do so and aid you too. Ameen.

Mashallah mashallah at your change. Allah Ta'ala keep you steadfast and keep me steadfast. Ameen.

It it normal that you be attracted to the opposite gender. It is only natural. If you really like this girl, you should propose to her provided you have the means to do so. Marriage is a very big sunnat and if you are at a place in your life where you can provide for a wife then you should do so. If your parents are happy then go for it. Propose to the sister by some Halal means, by a letter or by meeting her father/brother. Avoid any Harams such as 'getting to know her'. Buy some good books such as "Ashraf's Blessings of Marriage' which is an excellent read. If your parents are against it then look elsewhere and maintain patience at all time. Allah Ta'ala aid you in finding a pious spouse. Read the dua'a in the 74th verse of Surah Furqan after all namaaz. Inshallah this will be good for you. It is most important you save yourself from Haram in the meantime.

Finally, keep some good friends that will keep you busy in some good works. Keep your mind free from evil thoughts by doing zikr and increase your recital of Qur'an sharif. Allah Ta'ala grant you good friends. Ameen.

Anonymous said...

asalomo alikum

jzakallah brother for your reply. i am very happy that you took time to reply. pray i stay steadfast

Anonymous said...

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