Sunday, 29 March 2009

The 14 Harms Of Casting Evil Glances

Alhamdulilah, I heard about this book being put online and alhamdulilah I found it today so I thought it would be very helpful to all of us. This should keep all the readers busy for a while too, making up for the slow down in our publishing of articles. May Allah Ta'alaa give us all the guidance to read this book and act upon what is written in this book. Ameen.

Please do spread this book and this link to all muslims and remember me in your duas please. Jazakallah.

“Every eye shall weep on the Day of Judgment expect for the eye which was lowered from unlawful glances and that eye which stayed awake in the path of Allah and that eye which shed tears in the fear of Allah (even if tear be as small as the head of a fly).”
(Tafseer Ibn Katheer: Sura Nur, Ayat 30)"

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