Sunday, 12 October 2008

Importance of Salaat

The Ummah of today have abandoned salah but if we knew what it was worth we would never miss another prayer again, not for any wedding or party.

Ka'b(R.A.) says that he saw in the Taurat that Allah Ta'ala said to Musa(a.a.):

'O Musa! For the two rakaats of Fajr prayer that Ummah of Muhammad (s.a.w) will perform, We will forgive all their sins of the whole day and night and enter them into the fort of Our security.

O Musa! For each of the four rakaats of Zuhr, which the Ummah ofMuhammad perform, the reward is seperate. For the first rakaat, the reward is forgiveness of sins, for the second rakaat, the reward is that his good deeds will be made heavy on the Day of Judgment, for the third rakaat, the reward is the angels making Du'a for their forgiveness and asking My mercy for them; for the fourth rakaat, the reward is the opening of the doors of Heaven and the damsels of Paradise looking at them.

O Musa, when Our last Prophet and his Ummah will pray the four rakaats of Asr salat, there will be no angel on earth and heaven who will not pray for their forgiveness. And we will not punish those for whom the angels pray for forgiveness.

O Musa, when Our last Prophet's Ummah will pray the three rakats at the time of Maghirib, then the doors of the heavens will be opened, and We will fulfill whatever they will ask.

O Musa, the four rakaats of Isha are better than all the earth's kingdom and wealth. After performing this salat, they will be as purified of their sins, as a new born baby.'


Anonymous said...

Subhanallah!Jzk for this bro

Anonymous said...

Salamu alaikkum, beautiful post alhamdulillah. Can you please tell me who narrated this and where? If you dont mind :)