Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Quran on iPhone (or any other smartphone)

The following has been taken from our sister site: Imaan Boost


I'm often asked by brothers for "The name of that app" when reciting the quran from my iPhone in the masjid.

It's not always easy to explain it as it's not as simple as that, so here I will explain how you can get it for yourself!

Firstly let me show you what it looks like:

and here's an actual screenshot taken with my iPhone:

..of course it works well on an iPad too, or any other smartphone/tablet device:

There are 2 simple steps really:

1. Get the pdf files.
2. View in a pdf reader on your device.

You can get the quran as a set of 30 pdf files from here.

Unzip the file to create a folder called Quran which has all the PDF files in it.

Then just get any app that can read PDF files from the app store.

I use "GoodReader". - Perhaps the best app on the iPhone in my opinion. It's not free though, so if you want a free PDF reader I would recommend "Files Lite"

You'll need to set up the app with your pc/mac to transfer files. It shouldn't be too difficult, just follow the instructions that come with the app.

Let me know if you have any probs.

Happy reading, and pass it on...

EDIT: I Have included surah yaseen + surah khaf inside the zipped folder


Anonymous said...

Jazakallah for that post, i was just wondering if we need wudhu to hold the phone while we read Quran on it..? and also say if im reading a PDF Quran on my laptop, would i need wudhu to hold my laptop till i close the window? Usually i would pray on my laptop if i dont have wudhu and too lazy to go do it, astagfirullah but otherwise i would pray with my Quran kitab

Abu Huzayfa said...

Assalamu Alaykum,

Some has asked my most respected ustaad Mufti Abdur Raheem sahib (DB) this very same question, he responded with the following:

"Wuzu is needed only to touch the Quraan. As for just reading it, is is an Adab (Ettiquete) to read with wuzu. The Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam did not reply to salaam without wuzu because salaam is the name of Allah.

“Wuzu is the weapon of a believer” – No one is punctual of wuzu except a true believer.

“Cleanliness is half of Imaan” – When one is in a situation where he needs to read the Quraan, but is unable to do wuzu, he should not abandon the reading just because he doesn’t have wuzu. Read it as much as possible. As for the latest electronic equipment, wuzu is only required when you touch the letters. As long as you don’t touch the letters on the computer or iPhone you are OK."


Thus you will only need wudhu if you touch the actual screen on which the letters are presented.

Wallahu a'lamu bis sawaab