Friday, 6 May 2011

Poetry: It will all be alright in the end

It will all be alright in the end,
Your tears will begin to dry.
You’re life will be on the mend,
There will be no need to cry.

How many times have you been in pain,
To notice that sympathy seems to sound the same.
The clouds always seems to drizzle with rain,
Yet there is nobody to withstand the burden of blame.

The heart begins to cry, searching for someone to implore,
In every direction you walk, there seems to be a locked door.
The eyes begin to burn, a river of desperation wanting to trickle,
When loneliness becomes a companion, the mind becomes fickle.

Lift up your hands and use them as a key,
Cry, beseech, request – you will be showered in mercy.
Your Lord knows very well of your immense sadness,
If you do not ask of Him, it is your own madness.

How many a time before, have you lost all hope,
With feelings of despair, more than you can cope?
Yet He helped you then, and He helps you now,
By ways and means which left you asking how.

Use not your hands for sins but raise them to converse,
When you reveal the contents of your heart, you need not rehearse.
He hears what you ask for and sees what you make apparent,
You cannot hide your feelings, your heart becomes transparent.

Your tears will being to dry, when His light illuminates your life,
You will find an escape, you can bid farewell to your strife.
But first, recognise Him; let not your intelligence rot,
He was always caring for you, you were never forgot.

"Whoever fears Allah, He brings forth a way out for him, and provides him (with what he needs) from where he does not even imagine. And whoever places his trust in Allah, He is sufficient for him. Surely Allah is to accomplish His purpose. Allah has set a measure for everything." [Surah Talaq 65:2,3]

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