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The "Dua" Against Musa Alayhis Salaam

Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas Radiyallahu-Anhum narrates that Bal’am bin Baura was an Aalim of standing and status. He lived in Jerusalem nearby Kan’aan. Some narrations attribute him to the Bani Israeel. After the destruction of Firaun (Pharaoh) and the conquest of Egypt, Allah Rabbul-Izzat commanded the Bani Israeel to take up arms against the Jabbaareen (a tyrant nation).

The Jabbaareen, fully aware that Bal’am had been granted the knowledge of the wonderful and most-powerful “Ismi-a ‘azam” (the great name of Allah Rabbul-Izzat that causes any dua to be instantly accepted), resorted to him for assistance against the Bani Israeel through the Ismi-a-’azam. Initially he resisted this request, explaining that Nabi Moosa Alayhimus-Salaam was on the side of the Bani Israeel and hence it would be impossible for him to use the Ismi-a-’azam against the Nabi of Allah.

When they grew persistent in their entreaties, he promised to resort to Istikharah in this matter. He was informed via the Istikharah never to yield to their request as this would result in certain destruction for him. Failing in this ploy, the Jabbaareen attempted another strategy.

They showered Bal’am with various “gifts” and “tokens”, which he readily accepted. In essence this was clear-cut bribery. His wife was manipulated to pressurize him into accepting their request. Blinded by the love of wife and wealth, he finally surrendered to their whims and set out on his sinister errand. At this stage, the Majestic Power of Allah Rabbul-Izzat came into operation and all the curses he began uttering against Hazrat Moosa Alayhimus-Salaam and the Bani lsraeel, turned into curses for the Jabbaareen. The Jabbaareen panicked at this dramatic event and were soon destroyed by the, “...doings of their own hands...”
[Maulana Muhammad added that whenever Bal'am would make a dua against Musa Alayhis salaam then Allah would make the words, "Jabbaareen" come in place of Musa Alayhis salaam and Bani Israeel. So whenever Bal'am would make or try to make dua against Musa Alayhis salaam in reality he would make dua against his own people. When Bal'am went to make his duas he went to the top of a hill. Whilst making his way to the top he was riding on a donkey, and that donkey was given the power of speech. The donkey warned Bal'am of his actions and then the donkey refused to move. After Bal'am made his duas, Allah Ta'ala punished him by making his tongue longer so that it would reach his chest. This prevented him from speaking and hence the following ayat was revealed due to Bal'am's similar appearance to that of a dog who has it's tongue constantly hanging out of its mouth.]

The punishment that was meted out to Bal’am has been recorded in the Qur’an Majeed; “Thus his (Bal’am) likeness is as the likeness of a dog.” (7:176)

Before his gruesome end, he gathered the people and explained to them that he had destroyed himself but would show them an effective strategy to overcome the Bani Israeel. He advised them to dress their beautiful maiden girls in eye-catching and revealing apparel; then dispatch them into the army of Bani Israeel. Since the soldiers were away from home over a long period of time, they would easily succumb to this temptation and ultimately bring upon themselves the wrath of Allah Rabbul-Izzat and resultant defeat, due to their transgression. This plan was executed, and as predicated, the soldiers succumbed despite much reprisal and warnings from Hazrat Moosa Alayhimus-Salaam.

The result was a severe plague upon the Bani lsraeel, wherein 70,000 of them perished. The culprits were then publicly executed and left to hang on the gallows as a gruesome reminder to the entire nation. Only when all had sincerely repented, was the punishment withdrawn from them.

Taken from Shifa-ul-qulub. This story can also be heard in greater detail and explanation at Miftahul Jannah by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Saheb

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