Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Reality Check!

Days are going by, weeks are going by and months are going by. Day in and day out the same things happen, the sun rises in the morning, and the sun sets in the evening. At the same time our years are passing by and our lives are getting shorter.

After my first year of college I remember countless times the conversation amongst us would be along the lines, "...maaan college is missions, I wish we could go back to the kelmscott days (secondary school)." It's funny when we say such statements even though we know there's no chance of us going back, but we just have false hopes of returning to those years because it was a lot more easier than the years we are in at the moment.

When a person leaves primary school, after doing his SATs, he then moves on to secondary school and he knows there's no chance of going back. When a person leaves secondary school and heads to college with his GCSEs, he knows there's no chance of going back to change the results he received. When a person receives his results for his A-levels he heads to university for whatever course is available for him and he realises there's no chance of him going back to that same college to re-do those same years he done there. Similarly the examples can go on and on of the doors that open and close in life. We enter through one door and then soon after we leave through another door and then that door is sealed shut behind us. One door which we all entered together, was the door of being in this world. And just like one day we left primary school then secondary school and then college and we knew there was no chance of going back to change the results that we got, is the same way that when you leave this world it's like closing a door behind you which has no handle for you to pull open again. Whatever results you receive on that day when you die, is what you will have to make do with and then there will be no chance of going back. It's a fact that today in the year 2009 we are all here alive and well, alhamdulilah, but that might not be the case in 2100. The world will carry on, wars will still be occuring but for you and I, we won't even be able to move a muscle. If you think about this deeply then a certain reality will hit you.

When a person dies, then he's closed one door behind him and that door will be locked shut. You won't have no choice but you will obey the will of your Lord, and you will enter the door of the grave. In here is another reality, because you will be on your own with your deeds around you and your eyes will see things they've never seen before. Again, you will have a set time in the grave then that door of the grave will close too. This time you and the entire creation of Allah Ta'ala will be destroyed by the sound of the horn of the angel Israfeel alayhis salaam and then even he Israfeel alayhis salaam will be destroyed. For an approximate period of 40 years or more, Allah will be the only Being in existence and nothing else. Allah is the Real Power and the Real Might. Allah is the Eternal One, and the One to whom we will return to. This is all the truth of reality. All of these events will come to pass and that's when we will finally be resurrected and given the greatest exam of our life. On that Day Allah himself will say, "Whose is the Kingdom this Day?" (Allah Himself will reply to His Question); "It is Allah's, the One, the Irresistible!" (Surah Ghafir, verse 16).

This life is a series of doors that open and close which will carry on even when you die. The last of doors which we will enter, will be the doors of Jannah, InshAllah. And when those doors are closed then you wouldn't even want to go back!

It is the desire of every human to obtain success. Nobody wants to be a failure in life. Different people have different views of success. Some view success as being wealthy and rich. Some view success as having fast cars and making the most of this life that they were given. Whatever the views are of people the ultimate success which nobody can doubt is obtaining entry into Jannah without any punishment of this world or the hereafter. To achieve this, is where your efforts will come in handy. The same way those who will receive grade A's in their A-levels, generally put alot of effort into getting those grades over the last 2 years they spent in college, is the same way that those who put effort and the word is, "effort", into practising the Deen of Allah, will surely receive the good grades of Jannah before them. No effort for the Deen of Allah will go to waste in the Sight of Allah, and that's a fact.

The following is a qoute I made when writing this piece, not that it's anything special.

"I'm alive today and I'll die tommorow, I'm not alive tomorrow because I died today. "


Anonymous said...

that quote is quite heart hitting y'know.

Allah will be the only Being in existence and nothing else. Allah is the Real Power and the Real Might.

that is why when i go thru this earth i realise that i have one friend only, and that is Allah. by libing in His obedience we will inshallah be the good fortune ones. nice post.

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah a great reminder, Jzk brother. May we be granted with the highest of Jannah Ameen.

Anonymous said...

Mashallah wonderful post. Jazakallah khair

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Nice quote

Anonymous said...

wonderful quote
how did you come up with it?
wish i could write like that!

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