Sunday, 25 January 2009

Renew your Iman

By applying ‘Itr, the body of a person will begin to smell fragrant but after a while, he will realise that the fragrance will die down and may be mixed in with ‘smelly’ substances such as sweat and body odour. Naturally, if he wants to smell nice again then he must reapply his perfume.

In the same way, we will find our Iman the subject of fluctuation. We will leave the house very high in Iman and some days we will come back feeling extremely low, lonely and lost. This is why we have to constantly renew and reapply the Iman in our hearts so that the ‘smelly’ sins won’t take over our life. Thus the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam said,

“Keep on renewing your Iman.”

The Sahaabah radiallahu anhum enquired,

“O Messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhi wa salam)! How should we renew our Iman?”

The Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wa salam then stated,

“Recite لا إله إلا الله (there is no god but Allah) very often.”


Anonymous said...

jzk for this reminder
it is so tru, im always feeling high and then low. some days i feel so lost that i get frustrated cos i dont know what to do. but one thing that i do do everyday is visit your syt. and the reminders really help so jazakallah, thank you so much for the effective reminders. im so addicted to your blog that i need to chek it everyday and it seems like its almost everyday that you brothers put something new up. Honestly, keep up the good work. you got people attached.
By the way jzk for the hadith you mentioned bout the way we can renew our iman but by repeating la ilaaha illallah often. Something new i learnt, and inshallah will put it into practice.
wassalaamu alaykum

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum.
(This is not to do with the post, its just something I wanted to ask.)
If a person has done so well in their exams with the best grades and they don't get in to any prestigious universities of their choice, then they would obviously be upset. What sort of islamic advice can you give about these situations?


Abdul Baasit said...

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Regarding the comment about the grades and university.

If a person has done soo well in their exams with the best grades and they don't get into any top universities of their choice then they would obviously be upset. What advice would I give concerning such a situation?

Well firstly I can understand why a person would be upset over such a thing and that's natural. Just make sure you don't go abit over the top and start getting depressed and start leaving acts of Islam because you are angry that Allah Ta'alaa didn't make such an event happen the way you wanted it to.
May Allah Ta'alaa protect you from such a thing. Ameen.

Theres a few points that can be taken from such a situation. The first thing is patience, the second is putting your trust in Allah and the third is Tafweedh.

Okay, it may be that you never got into the university you wanted but do not worry or become too upset. When you want the help of Allah then seek it in patience and Salaah. For every second of patience you have there is reward behind it. Human beings normally have the trait that they think they know what is best for them. But really Allah Ta'alaa knows best. Remember sooo many a time we have seen that what may appear to be good for a person in his eyes may actually be evil for him and his Deen. And what may appear bad for a person will actually be good for him and his Deen. So don't worry have trust in Allah Ta'alaa and with whatever has happened and make dua to Allah Ta'alaa that he gets you into that university because you never know, the option of "clearing" is still there...

My teacher spoke to me about this and he gave me the following advice. Make dua to Allah Ta'alaa that he gets you into that university or into a university that will be better for you (This is the spiritual dua). Then make the physical dua by doing that which is neccesary to make your spiritual dua occur and then have Tafweedh (handing over your problems to Allah Ta'alaa.)

Regarding Tafeedh I'll give you a small story that was said to me aswell. A man has a plate of food infront of him and he looks for his favourite side vegetable... The Big Green Chilli. He puts his chilli on his mouth and begins to eat it. As he does so, his tongue is burning, his eyes are watering and his face is going red... To the average passer by people will feel sorry for him and think he is in pain and grief but on the inside he's happy and smiling.

Same way that this man is happy and smiling despite the burning of the chillies, is the same way that you should try and be happy and pleased with whatever Allah Ta'alaa has decreed for you however painful it may seem. Who knows the reward for being able to have patience in such times may be even greater for you.

I would STRONGLY advise you listen to the following short talk. It's my teacher himself and without a doubt my teacher knows better than me, the student.

May Allah Ta'alaa remove any problems you may have. Ameen.

Wassalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Anonymous said...

Jazakallah for this reply to my question. I will take heed from it Inshallah.


Anonymous said...

Asalaamau alikum
Jzk for the reminder.
Sorry to go off topic, but last year when the valentines day talk took place at college, was there by any chance a recording of it?

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaykum,

I'm Sorry, there was a recording but it got deleted.



Anonymous said...

No probs, just thought it might have been a good idea to circulate it around this year at college