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A Description of Jannah (Qasidah Nuniyyah) - Ibn al-Qayyim Rahimahullah

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahulllah said, in regards to the description of the Paradise and the delights that it contains:

And if you ask about its ground and its soil, then it is of musk and saffron.

And if you ask about its roof, then it is the Throne of the Most Merciful.

And if you ask about its rocks, then they are pearls and jewels.

And if you ask about its buildings, then they are made of bricks of gold and silver.

And if you ask about its trees, then it does not contain a single tree except that its trunk is made of gold and silver.

And if you ask about its fruits, then they are softer than butter and sweeter than honey.

And if you ask about its leaves, then they are softer than the softest cloth.

And if you ask about its rivers, then there are rivers of milk who's taste does not change, and rivers of wine that is delicious to those who drink it, and rivers of honey that is pure, and rivers of water that is fresh.

And if you ask about their food, then it is fruits from whatever they will choose, and the meat of whatever birds they desire.And if you ask about their drink, then it is Tasneem, ginger, and Kaafoor.

And if you ask about their drinking cups, then they are crystal-clear and made of gold and silver.

And if you ask about its shade, then a fast rider would ride in the shade of one of its trees for a hundred years and not escape it.

And if you ask about its vastness, then the lowest of its people would have within his kingdom and walls and palaces and gardens the distance that would be travelled in a thousand years.

And if you ask about its tents and encampments, then one tent is like a concealed pearl that is sixty miles long.

And if you ask about its towers, then they are rooms above rooms in buildings that have rivers running underneath them.

And if you ask about how far it reaches into the sky, then look at the shining star that is visible, as well as those that are far in the heavens that the eyesight cannot possibly reach.

And if you ask about the clothing of its inhabitants, then they are of silk and gold.

And if you ask about its beds, then its blankets are of the finest silk laid out in the highest of its levels.

And if you ask about the faces of its inhabitants and their beauty, then they are like the image of the Moon.And if you ask about their age, then they are young ones of 33 years in the image of Adam, the father of humanity.

And if you ask about what they will be hearing, then it is the singing of their wives from among the Hoor al-'Ayn, and better than that are the voices of the Angels and the Prophets, and better than that is the Speech of the Lord of the Worlds.

And if you ask about their servants, then they are young boys of everlasting youth who resemble scattered pearls.

And if you ask about their brides and wives, then they are young and full-breasted and have had the liquid of youth flow through their limbs; the Sun runs along the beauty of her face if she shows it, light shines from between her teeth if she smiles; if you meet her love, then say whatever you want regarding the joining of two lights; he sees his face in the roundness of her cheek as if he is looking into a polished mirror, and he sees the brightness from behind her muscles and bones; if she were to be unleashed upon the World, she would fill what is between the Heavens and the Earth with a beautiful wind, and the mouths of the creation would glorifiy, praise, and exclaim greatness, and everything between the East and the West would be adorned for her, and every eye would be shut from everthing but her, and the light of the Sun would be outshone just as the light of the Sun outshines the light of the stars, and everyone on the face of the Earth would believe in the Ever-Living, the One who Sustains and Protects all the exists.

And the covering on her head is better than the World and all that is in it, and she does not increase with age except in beauty; free from an umbilical cord, childbirth and menses, and pure of mucous, saliva, urine and other filthy things; her youth never fades, her clothing is never worn out, no garment can be created that matches her beauty, and no one who is with her can ever become bored; her attention is restricted to her husband, so she desires none but him, just as his attention is restricted to her so she is the sole object of his desire, and he is with her in utmost safety and security, as none has touched her before of either humans or Jinn.

And if you ask about the Day of Increase (in reward) and the visit of the all-Mighty, all-Wise, and the sight of His Face - free from any resemblance or likeness to anything - as you see the Sun in the middle of the day and the full Moon on a cloudless night, then listen on the day that the caller will call:

'O People of Paradise! Your Lord - Blessed and Exalted - requests you to visit Him, so come to visit Him!'

So they will say:

'We hear and obey!'

Until, when they finally reach the wide valley where they will all meet - and none of them will turn down the request of the caller - the Lord - Blessed and Exalted - will order His Chair to be brought there.

Then, pulpits of light will emerge, as well as pulpits of pearls, gemstone, gold, and silver.

The lowest of them in rank will sit on sheets of musk, and will not see what those who are on the chairs above them are given. When they are comfortable where they are sitting and are secure in their places, and the caller calls:

'O People of Paradise! You have an appointment with Allah in which He wishes to reward you!'

So they will say:

'And what is that reward? Has He not already made our faces bright, made our scales heavy, entered us into Paradise, and pushed us away from the Fire?'

And when they are like that, all of a sudden a light shines that encompasses all of Paradise. So, they raise their heads, and, behold: the Compeller - Exalted is He, and Holy are His Names - has come to them from above them and majestified them and said:

'O People of Paradise! Peace be upon you!'
So, this greeting will not be responded to with anything better than:
'O Allah! You are Peace, and from You is Peace! Blessed are You, O possessor of Majesty and Honor!'

So the Lord - Blessed and Exalted - will laugh to them and say:

'O People of Paradise! Where are those who used to obey Me without having ever seen Me? This is the Day of Increase!'

So, they will all give the same response:

'We are pleased, so be pleased with us!'
So, He will say:

'O People of Paradise! If I were not pleased with you, I would not have made you inhabitants of My Paradise! So, ask of Me!'

So, they will all give the same response:

'Show us your Face so that we may look at it!'

So, the Lord - Mighty and Majestic - will remove his covering and will majestify them and will cover them with His Light, which, if Allah - the Exalted - had not Willed not to burn them, would have burned them.And there will not remain a single person in this gathering except that his Lord - the Exalted - will speak to him and say:

'Do you remember the day that you did this and that?'

and He will remind him of some of his bad deeds in the Worldy life, so he will say:

'O Lord! Will you not forgive me?'

So, He will say:

'Of course! You have not reached this position of yours (in Paradise) except by My forgiveness.'

So, how sweet is this speech to the ears, and how cooled are the righteous eyes by the glance at His Noble Face in the Afterlife...

"Some faces that Day will be shining and radiant, looking at their Lord..." (Surah Qiyamah:22-3)


Anonymous said...

jazakallahu khair. this is an amaizing description of paradise. may allah reward you.
may i ask something? you know you rote about the men in paradise will have those beautiful wives - hoor al ayn. but what about the women? will they get husbands that are as beautiful and amazing like that description? ive always wondered about this.
please make dua for me(as the person who wrote this comment) and please ask Allah to guide me and keep me away from haram and to be effective in giving dawah and to do well in my exams and be successful in this life and the hereafter and to get the opportunity to see Allah in paradise. inshallah.
inshallah i wish all this for you. ameen. keep up the outstanding articles that you post.

wassalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah

Abu Huzayfa said...

Assalamu Alaykum

While a man will get many Hurs in jannah, a women would be made the queen of Jannah. Her beauty will far outshine the beauty of the hurs.

Umme Salamah R.A narrates that she said to Rasûlullah SAW "O Rasûlullah, are the women of this world superior or the hûrs?" He replied, "The women of this world will have superiority over the hûrs just as the outer lining of a garment has superiority over the inner lining."

Umme Salamah R.A then asked, "O Rasûlullah, what is the reason for this?" He answered, "Because they performed salâh, fasted, and worshipped [Allah]. Allah will put light on their faces and silk on their bodies. [The human women] will be fair in complexion and will wear green clothing and yellow jewelry. Their incense-burners will be made of pearls and their combs will be of gold. They will say, 'We are the women who will stay forever and we will never die. We are the women who will always remain in comfort and we will never undergo difficulty. We are the women who will stay and we will never leave. Listen, we are happy women and we will never become sad. Glad tidings to those men for whom we are and who are for us.'" (Tabrânî)

Muhammed ibn Ka'b Al-Qurazi t narrates from a person of the Ansâr (people of Madînah) that Rasûlullah SAW said, "I take the oath of that Being who sent me with the truth, you are not more acquainted with your wives and houses than the people of Jannat. A person of Jannat will come to 72 wives which Allah specially created in Jannat (hûrs) and 2 human wives. The human wives will have virtue over the [hûrs] because they worshipped Allah in the world.(Targheeb Vol.4 Pg.534)

This will be the high position of the women of the world in Jannah.

If a women had more than one husband, she will choose which one of them to stay with, and she will choose the one with the best character. As for those women who never married or their husband were mushriks, they will be allowed to marry whichever worldly man, they so wish, in Jannah. Thus every man in Jannah will have 2 wives from the world.

If we have full conviction in Allah's promise that he will fulfil our every desire in Jannah, then instead of worrying about what they will get in jannah, the women should concentrate their endeavours on pleasing Allah and thus getting to Jannah. As for pleasing us in Jannah, That is Allah responsibility, so he will do His and we should do ours. The greatest pleasure in Jannah for men and women will be the very pleasure of Allah. Everything else will be secondary.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Furthermore adding onto the words of our respect Mufti Ebrahim saheb, In Jannah, the negative attributes of jealousy and envy do not exist. A woman will see her entire satisfaction in one man as he will not have any defects within him. He will be super! Men upon whom it is compulsory to wage war also have the incentive of 72 Maidens in Jannah. Such a reward is indeed welcoming and one would certainly endeavour to receive it. And so the Maidens of Jannah are also in another way used as incentives to bring people closer to Allah Ta'ala (i.e. by encouraging Muslims to do good deeds). Lastly, we finish off with the Qudsi Hadith in which Allah Ta'ala says, "I have prepared for My righteous slave that which no eye has seen, nor any ear has heard off, nor any mind has comprehended and nor has it occured to any human heart." Jannah is truly something which we cannot understand. May Allah Ta'ala make us from these people.

May Allah Ta'ala guide you, protect you from all problems and make you a means of guidance for people. May He make you successful Deen and dunya. Ameen. Keep us in your dua'as too.


Anonymous said...

jazakallahu khair brother for the response. you have answered my question in so much detail!

Wassalaamu alaikum

Anonymous said...

salam brothers

can we have an article based on the month of muharram please