Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Being Accustom To Sin

In this day and age, we as Muslims do not become upset from that which brings displeasure to Allah Ta'ala. The main example is sin. We do not feel hate or disgust for it because we have become used to sin.

We are all Muslims and if we see something happening before our own eyes that we know is Haraam then immediately we should realise that that act will also bring the displeasure of Allah. If we cannot stop the sin with our hands, then we should atleast use our mouths by advising the person involved in the sin to either stop or not to go ahead with the action. If a person cannot do that then he should atleast feel some sort of sadness in his heart.

It has been the practice of the great scholars of the past that if they saw a person involved in a sin then they would never look down on that person or treat him with hate. Instead they would make shukr and give thanks to Allah Ta'ala that He kept them away from such acts of disobedience. They would make dua that Allah Ta'ala removes that sin from that person's life.

A famous saying comes to mind where someone stated that, "An increase in evil occurs when good people fail to speak." Whether you pray 5 times a day or even if you don't pray at all, we as muslims are all equal and brothers to one another and nobody is superior in status. If a person needs to be advised or reminded then we should do so and not think "I'm not pious enough to do so" or "What if they laugh at me?" or "what if they reject me?" Forget about what people think your duty is to remind people especially when Halal and Haraam situations are present before you and you have the correct amount of knowledge to actually get your point across.

I've also noticed that some people have tonnes of knowledge when it comes to topics that are debatable in Islam and ones that cause controversy, but what about the basic topics of day to day life? Forget about all the Madhab issues and whether one is following the Qur'an and Sunnah in Salaah and focus on actually getting the people to pray their salaah!

Just to wrap it up I'll narrate the following analogy taken from Mufti Taqi Usmani's book Discourses on Islamic Way Of Life Volume 9:

Our behaviour may be compared to a bad-smelling house offensive to the mind. If any outsider enters it, he will find it difficult to stay even a while in the house, but anyone already staying in it will not sense the difference because he is accustome to-the smell. He will not understand why anyone should rebuke him for staying in the offensive atmosphere. The other man whom Allah has protected from the bad-smelling house and kept in a fragrant atmosphere will be repulsed from a distance when he gets the bad smell. In the same way, believers whose hearts are devoted to Allah and are clean like a shining mirror are replused from the darkness and abhorrence of sin.

May Allah enable us to enjoin in good and forbid the evil even within our own lives. Ameen.

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very nice article. may ALlah reward you with jannah.