Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Ramblings: Thoughts while on the bus

I have been really itching to write something for quite a while now. Over the last few months I’ve been a mixture of busy and lazy; the lack of my own writings bare testament to this. I hope to insha Allah soon get back into the habit of writing and translating things on a regular basis. However, some have also requested me to use this blog as a blog and share some of my thoughts and tales from my adventures and escapades; I’ll write whatever I can and I pray to Allah Ta’ala that it is of benefit to some people. The following picture can some up my thoughts, putting them into words is harder!

I am a person that thinks a lot. I think the most when I am on travels; I often peer out of the window and observe my surroundings with great interest. In fact, the Qur’an exhorts us to ponder on our travels as when we see different creations of Allah Ta’ala, our hearts are strengthened in believing in him.

Sometimes, it is quite amazing just to put Allah Ta’ala in the context of the world; how useless we are to Allah Ta’ala but how dependant we are on him. I peer in amazement when I see people running from bus to bus and platform to platform in order to carry out their day to day affairs. When we push the ‘stop’ button on the bus and the ‘ting!’ sound rings, every single person getting off the bus has a different thought or worry on their mind. Some are wondering whether they will be late, some are happy they are on time, some are figuring out what to do if they are early; the bottom line here is that every single being on the face of this earth has a different worry on their mind.

Now, let’s put all of this into the context of Allah Ta’ala as our Lord. We read in Ayyatul Kursi, “Allah, there is no God but He; the Living, the All Sustaining.” The word Qayyum (translated here as All Sustaining) has been defined by the commentators of the Qur’an as that being who not only sustains himself but sustains others as well. When we consider ourselves and our day to day lives, we are only responsible for sustaining those around us. A good child will try to help his parents and vice versa however, the scope of maintaining and looking after one another is very limited. We only look after the worries of 3-4 people on a day to day basis. Some of us have really big families so that number may increase a little but the bottom line is, the scope is limited to a few individuals for whom we are responsible...

Baring this in mind, I only understood this feature of Allah, ‘Al Qayyum’, when I was travelling. There are thousands of people all with a different worry or issue but it is Allah Ta’ala who is sustaining them with sustenance of various kinds. 

How amazing is our Allah Ta’ala? We barely are able to look after those around us yet Allah Ta’ala has been taking care of the entirety of humanity from the beginning!

These are a few ramblings of mine, a few points to ponder over... I caution you all in advance from future posts! Sometimes I see things that bug me and as a result I tend to go AWOL which results in an almighty, epic rant!

Allah Ta’ala reward you all. Ameen.

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