Saturday, 29 December 2012

Poetry of Sheikh Jalaluddin Rumi rahimahullah

The follow is poetry of Sheikh Jalaluddin Rumi rahimahullah that I came across. I found it very nice; 

You stepped on the ground on the earth,
Pregnant with joy, gave birth to infinite blossoms.
The cheering spread up to heaven,

The moon glanced... amazed at the stars.
You came suddenly and stole three things from me:
The patience of my heart,
The colour of my face,
And the sleep from my eyes.
Oh I bless the hand that no mind can conceive.
Everyone has someone: a friend, a love, some skill or work.
But I am alone with the dream of my beloved hidden in the corner of my heart.
The back of hope is bent by separation,
The hands of longing tied by cruelty,
But the lover never despairs.
For a committed heart, everything is possible.
The treasure I hold in my heart is the envy of all...
I swear to God none could be more joyous than me!
I hear about sorrow but it means nothing to me.
To live without you, is to be robbed of love...
And what is life without it?
To live without you is death to me, my love... but some call it life...

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