Friday, 6 April 2012

How should one behave towards one who criticizes others?

I have translated the following from Malfoozat Hazrat Sheikh rahimahullah. The following is some advice given by Hazrat Maulana Zakariyya rahimahullah during I'tikaf in the Ramadhan of 1395:

How should one behave towards one who criticizes others?

He said: "O, my dear ones, I would like to put a point forward in relation to those criticisms which have been heard about me. Please, do inform me about them. In reality, those who criticize are well-wishers for a man (because they divert his attention towards his own mistakes). After hearing criticisms, a man should ponder over the objections which he hears (about himself). How truthful is this. When criticisms are made with sincerity, then it feels good, in such an instance one should make a rectification of this fault. And if this criticism is incorrect, then he should make shukr (thanks) to Allāh Ta'ala (that it is Allāh's favor upon him that this fault is not within him). The point of discussion here is that one should not get angry upon criticism. In fact, I become happy at that person who criticizes me, because I do not have any good deeds and this poor soul is passing over his good actions to me as a result of his incorrect criticisms and backbiting. This will come in benefit for me on that day when I will be empty-handed.

I have said to this Muftī ṣaḥib (Maulānā Muftī Maḥmūd Ḥasan Gangohī is meant here, who was Maulānā Zakariyyā’s distinguished caliph, the most distinguished Mufti in Hindustan.  He was an 'ālim and a muḥadith (may Allāh benefit us through him)) many times that whatever is said about me incorrectly, immediately check it, but he has not accepted this statement of mine. 

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