Wednesday, 14 March 2012


The term, “You snooze, you lose!” is incredibly true! The greatest thing a person can lose by his snoozing is the reward of his Fajr salaah. An issue that I want to discuss is that of our alarm clocks; many of us happily keep the adhan as our alarm sound for the morning or perhaps a nice nasheed and there is no problem with that but when the time comes for “qumoo lillahi qaaniteen (and stand before Allah in total devotion)” our finger, slowly runs up the side of our bed, stealthily squeezes under the pillow, tickles along the bedsheet and trigger happily fires the ‘snooze’ button! *dushoom*
Indeed, Fajr can become incredibly hard to pray if a person is not in the habit of it. Sometimes, a person can be in the habit of reading Fajr for months without end but one day, he misses it due to some occurrence and as a result, his performance of Fajr in the coming few months is nonexistent!

To be short and sweet, we must not always rely on one plan to wake us up. Shaytaan khabees has billions of ploys which he has trialled and tested on believers from the beginning of time! It doesn’t make sense to rely on one plan which is fatally flawed (with a snooze button). Rather, one should match fire with fire! If shaytaan has a number of ploys then you should prepare to meet them. Move your phone from your bed or get others in the household to wake you up. Ponder over your Fajr like an army general who sits over a map, pinpointing his every move.

Think about why you can’t wake up for Fajr; the core reason as to why you find yourself waking up two hours after fatigued and upset. Is it because you sleep late? Is it because you are a movie addict? Is it because you are speaking to friends online? Find out what the reason is and put a snooze on it!

May Allah Ta’ala give us all the ability to be punctual on our Salaah and may He, out of His kindness, make us an example of the verse, “and stand before Allah in total devotion...”. Ameen Ya Rabbal Aalameen.

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