Friday, 31 December 2010

Poetry: Family

Dear to me are my family,
With them I live happily.

Whenever problems begin to appear,
They are the first to show their care.

I love my family more than a million words could ever say,
And our bonds are strengthened when we stand together and pray.

My best friends are my parents to whom I am in debt,
They are better than the tons of people that I have met.

My siblings make my heart blossom with immense joy,
We laugh when we remember the past and all the broken toys.

I still think about and miss those who have left,
How strange it is that pleasant memories leave us bereft.

Our families will be there for us before any old or new friend,
They love us unconditionally and will always have time to lend.

How foul are we to our families who only wish for our protection,
Yet we curse them and wish that we could have made the selection.

Be happy with who your mother, father, brother sister and family are,
And hold your tongue back before you utter words that will leave a scar.

Keep ties with those who break ties from you and be kind,
They may not know but you do, so do not walk around blind.

And if you still don’t understand the worth of those who inhabit your house,
Then you have lost all respect and have become even smaller than a mouse.

Ask the orphan with regards to the virtue of a family,
For he has nobody to live with happily.


Anonymous said...

this is sweet

i think ur best yet

Anonymous said...

MashaAllah great poem. Brother i wanted to ask a question, i have searched ask imam but could not find the answer so im sorry if its like out of the blue, but can talaaq happen if the husband says it once or twice, but not three times? like if he says 'i want to divorce u talaaq il go marry someone else'...please reply coz this happened ages ago and im still with him

Abu Huzayfa said...

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

In the situation mentioned, divorce has been issued by the husband. The mere saying of the word “Talaaq” does constitute as a divorce (Ahsanul Fatawa 5/183). In the same way, it is mentioned in Shami, “Those words which are only used for divorce are (considered to be) an explicit divorce (talaaq sareeh) with or without intention.” (Shami 4/794)

However, in the above instance Talaq Raji’ (revocable divorce) has occurred due to the explicit mention of “Talaaq” and in this instance, the husband can take his wife back into his wedlock provided that this is done within her iddat period.

Maulana Yusuf Ludhyanwi rahimahullah mentions in his fatwa, “The revocable divorce is this that a husband divorces his wife once or twice in explicit terms and then does not add any other words which suggest that he is ending the entire marriage at once.

The ruling with regards to the ‘revocable divorce’ is this that until the iddat is over, the woman still remains the wife of her husband. And the meaning of “Ruju’ (revoking and brining her back)” means that he tells her by his tongue that ‘I am taking you back in my wedlock’ or that he touches her (like a husband would) with his hand. In this instance, to renew the marriage is not needed. However, if her iddat has passed and her husband has not revoked his divorce by his speech or actions, then the marriage does not remain and the woman has freedom to marry elsewhere. But if the situation eases between them both after the iddat then they can renew their marriage (by having their nikkah performed once again, halalah is not required). Once he has brought her back into his marriage, he still has the choice to issue the remaining divorces. This is because the husband has the choice to issue a divorce three times. If he has issue a revocable divorce then he still has two more chances to issue the divorce and if he gave the revocable divorce twice, then in this scenario, he has only one divorce left which he can issue. Now, if he was to divorce his wife one more time after this then she would become completely haram for him and he will not be able to marry her again until halalah has taken place.” (5/206)

The statement of the husband, “I want to marry someone else” does not constitute as a divorce or even as kinayah (metonymy) as a Muslim man has the right to marry up to four women anyway.

Finally, it is advised for your partner to be cautious of his tongue. If he cannot control himself then there is a risk he will end your marriage and destroy the lives of those involved.

Wallahu a'lam bis sawaab

Anonymous said...

thank you brother for your reply, it put me at ease, may Allah reward you, please remember us in your blessed duaas, jazakAllah Khair