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"When the inhabitants of Jannah enter Jannah..." Part 2

Hazrat Suhayb radiallahu anhu reported: The Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wa salam said, "When the inhabitants of Jannah enter Jannah, Allah, the Glorious Exalted, will say to them: "Do you wish Me to give you anything more?" They will reply: "Have You not made our faces bright? Have You not brought us into Jannah and delivered us from the Hell?" And Allah will remove the veil. The (dwellers of Jannah) will feel that they have not been awarded anything dearer to them than looking at their Lord."

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Allah, the Glorious Exalted, will say to them, “Do you wish Me to give you anything more?”

The situation of the people of Jannah at this juncture will be thus. Allah Ta’ala will bring ‘death’ which will be presented as a sheep. This sheep will then be lifted up in such a way that the people of Jannah and Jahannam are both looking at it. It will then be slaughtered and ‘death’ will cease to exist. When the people of Jannah see this, they will become so happy that if happiness could kill a person, they would die. They will have unbound happiness to be blunt. On the contrary, the people of Jahannam will be so sorrowful that they will be depressed over not dying. Their punishment will be so severe that they feel the only way of escape would be death. And so when they see ‘death’ being slaughtered, they will feel their only means of escape has been cut off. It is then Allah Ta’ala will say to the people of Jahannam, “Never speak to be again.” And they will let out a terrifying shriek unlike ever before. It is at this point it will hit them that they are in for a world of ‘pitai’ so as to speak. We make dua’a to Allah Ta’ala that He protects us from the Fire.

So this is the situation. Everybody has been fitted into their rightful place. The people of Jannah have now entered Jannah.

It is at this point that Allah Ta’ala will say, “Do you wish Me to give you anything more?”
To understand this phrase, we must take a look at the bounties of Jannah which will be mentioned here.

Imam Qurtubi rahmatullahi alayh relates a hadith in his Mukhtasar at Tazkira that Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa salam said, “Is there not anybody hastening towards the Garden? Because in the Garden there are unimaginable blessings.”

Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur’an that for the people of Jannah there is a “Great Kingdom”. Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa salam said, “One brick is of gold and one brick of silver, its mortar is strongly scented musk, its stones are pearls and emeralds and its soil is saffron...” (Tirmizi)

Similarly, “In Jannah, there is a tent of pearls, whose width is sixty miles, in each corner of which the believer will have a wife whom the others will not see.” (Bukhari Sharif)

The people of Jannah will have lots of possessions. Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa salam said, “The one with the lowest rank from among the inhabitants of the Garden will be that person who will be able to see his gardens, wives, luxuries, servants and things of enjoyment to the distance of one thousand years. (Tirmizi)

With regards to the jewellery, Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa salam said, “Those who dwell in the Jannah (Garden of Eternity) will wear crowns encrusted with pearls, the radiance of the smallest of which will illuminate the space separating the east from the west!” (Tirmizi)

In Jannah there will also be cities, Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa salam said, “There is a river known as ‘Rayyan’ in Jannah. A city of coral has been built upon it. It has 70,000 gates of gold and silver.” And also, “In Jannah there is a gold pillar with cities of beryl (a bright, green precious stone resembling emerald) on it, and these shine like stars in the Garden.”

Allah Ta’ala mentions in Surah Zumar, “Those who have fear of their Lord will have high ceilinged Halls, and more such Halls built one above the other, and rivers flowing under them. That is Allah’s promise. Allah does not break His promise.”

In regards to these Halls or palaces mentioned in this verse, Imam Ghazali rahimahullah mentions in his Ihya Ulum ad Deen a hadith, “In Jannah, there are palaces built of emeralds and jewels and in each building there will be 70 rooms of red colour and in each room 70 sub-rooms of green colour and in each sub-room there will be on throne... there will be 70 dining cloths in each room and 70 kinds of food on each dining cloth. There will be seven servants in each room.”

There will also be markets in Jannah, not like our Walthamstow ‘Pound a Banana!’ market! The mention of the markets of Jannah have been mentioned, “We will come to a market surrounded by angels in which there is that which eyes have never seen the likes of, the ears have never heard and which has never passed through human hearts. That which we desire will be carried to us and nothing will be sold in it or brought. In that market, the people of the Garden will meet each other, so that a man of high rank will come forward and meet those who are lesser than himself (and none of them will be low people) and the clothes he has on will amaze and delight him. Before he ceases speaking, an even finer garment will come upon him. That is because it is not fitting for anyone to sorrow in it. (Tirmizi)

“It is certain that there are such markets in the Garden in which no goods are exchanged. When the inmates of the Garden arrive there, they will recline on fresh and bright pearly earth of musk. They will meet with each other as they did in this world. They will talk of how they were in this world and how they worshipped our Lord, of how they enlivened the nights in prayer, of how they fasted during the day, of the wealth and poverty of the world, of earth and of how they are the people of Jannah.” (Mukhtasar at Tazkira)

There is much more to speak off but I fear that maybe the post is long and then won’t be concentrated on. Perhaps inshallah I will write another post just pertaining to the part of hadith that is currently being discussed. Thereafter we will continue inshallah till we finish the hadith in its entirety... there is still the topic of Hoor ul Ayn also..which is a whole topic of its own.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us Jannah without hisaab and any azaab. Ameen.

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