Monday, 17 August 2009

Advices from the Qur'an - Mocking and Abusing people

"But your fat though", "They dress like tramps" and "Did you hear who she went out with!"... Things like these have become all too common for us to hear, it is time that we take a step back and look at mockery through the glorious eyes of Islam. Surah Hujuraat, Verse 11

"O believers, one group of men should not mock another group of men:it may be that they (the mocked) are better than them. Nor should one group of women mock another group of women: it may be that they are better than them. And do not find fault with each other, nor use offensive nicknames for each other. How bad is (it to be given) the name of sinfulness after accepting faith. And those who do not repent- they are the wrongdoers".

Firstly the ayah (verse) emphasises the importance of unity between Muslims and the need to make reconciliation if a dispute arises between two parties. The first cause of dispute is making fun of each other, to mock someone, highlighting their faults for the amusement of one's self and others. This is haram and it is clear from other verses of the Qur'an that mockery is a sign of ignorance. Usually, what entices someone to make fun of another person is an existing opinion that the victim is inferior, the person mocking the victim looks down at the victim. This is expressed when a respected person does something embarassingly funny no one would dare to laugh. The Qur'an supplies a cure for this illness, when feeling the desire to mock someone you should consider the possibility that they are more beloved and hold a higher status to Allah Ta'ala than you, and by mocking them you yourself become further detached from Allah Ta'ala.

Become like the people of ilm and taqwa that do not dare to mock anyone for Allah may resort to them being the position like that of the person they were once mocking. Islam is a religion for everyone, it has no imperfections, strict it may seem to someone but one MUST remember that they should not be confused with Muzah. Muzah means to converse light heartedly and humorously with someone. To joke with someone is different that making fun of a person. Muzah could be rewarding if done with intention of making a fellow Muslim happy and to develop mutual love and affection. Rasulullah sallallahu alaihy wasallam would engage in Muzah, but his light hearted conversations had truth at heart and is not meant to be taken seriously, this brings laughter, enjoyment and smiles all round, making us fulfill another sunnah of the beloved Prophet sallallahu alaihy wasallam.

May increase our knowledge and make us one of the inhabitants of Jannah. Ameen

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