Thursday, 30 April 2009


Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu was once patrolling the streets of Madinah as he usually did. He had his whip in one hand and would scan the vicinity for any evil so that he could sort it out. As he was walking one day, he caught a group of boys who were picking up dates from the ground that had been dropped. He instantly went towards them and they quickly ran away as they were all scared of Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu. Amongst these group of young boys was a boy by the name of Hazrat Sinaan ibn Salamah Hudhali who froze on the spot as Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu approached. He quickly gave Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu his story,

“O Ameerul Mu’mineen! These are the dates that wind has blown off! (i.e. they are not stolen)”

Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu then scanned the young boys appearance and understood that he was speaking the truth. So Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu did not hit him but the young boy then beseeched Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu and said,

“O Ameerul Mu’mineen! The other boys are now ahead of me and they will take away all that I have!”

Such was the characteristics of Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu that he did not approve of any bullying or any oppression even if it was something as small as this and he assured the young boy,

“Never! Walk ahead.”

And like this Hazrat Umar radiallahu anhu walked the boy all the way back to his home so that no harm could come to him. How many of us today are such that we bring an aura of protection, compassion and safety to the hearts of people when we are with them?

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Very true. Jzk for posting up bro