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Alcohol Leaflet

The Punishment

The punishment for a drink that will not be able to quench the thirst felt in Jahanam:

The Prophet of Allah (may peace & blessings be upon him) said,

“Whoever drinks wine, Allah will not accept his prayers for 40 days. If he seeks forgiveness then Allah will forgive him. And if he repeats it again Allah will not accept his prayers for 40 days. If he seeks forgiveness Allah will forgive him. And if he repeats it again Allah will not accept his prayers for 40 days. If he seeks forgiveness Allah will forgive him. if he repeats it a fourth Allah will not accept his prayers for 40 days. If he seeks forgiveness from Allah, Allah will NOT forgive him and he will be made to drink the water of impurities (of the inmates of hell). [Tirmidhi, ibn Majah, Nasai’]

The Messenger of Allah (may peace & blessings be upon him has also said, “There are three that will not enter paradise: a habitual DRINKER, one who cuts blood ties (relations) and one who believes in sorcery. [Ahmad]

In another hadith, the Prophet (May peace & blessings be upon him) has said, “There are three on whom Paradise is forbidden. A habitual drinker, one disobedient to parents and a careless husband who establishes impurity in his family.

And if a person dies drinking alcohol, then he will stand before his Lord just like the one who ascribes partners to Him and the one who ascribes partners to Allah will never be forgiven!

The Muslim youth are drinking alcohol to such much that it is becoming a huge addiction. Remember, the taste is only on the tongue but the consequences will remain in the Hereafter. What will you say, when you stand before your Lord, on a day which is like no other. The situation of mankind will be such, that the Hadiths narrate,
“There will be no veil between man and Allah on that day (Qiyamah)”

Know, that alcohol stays within the body for 40 days and if in these 40 days you happen to die, say your car happens to crash, you happen to get run over, you happen to fall over and breathe your last. You will be raised before Allah like the one who commits the sin which is not worthy of forgiveness, Shirk! There will be no translator on that day, man will abandon his brothers, his mother and his father, his wife and his children and he will not move till he has answered the question,

“What did you do with your youth?”

If you are not able to provide a sufficient answer to Allah then you must prepare for the torment of Hell for Paradise is forbidden for habitual drinker. Let us forget about the questioning on that day, let us question ourselves with the same question right now, as we are reading this.

“What am I doing with my youth?”

Because if your life from the time you were small up to the age of 20 or so is full up with nothing but sin and you have no goodness to show Allah on the Day of Reckoning, then prepare to be thrown impetuously into the fire of Hell.

The habit should stop now for death is around the corner and after we breathe our last, we cannot come back and do more. Imam Ghazzali gives a beautiful example, he says:

A man was walking in the jungle when suddenly, a lion began to chase him. As he ran away he fell into a well and as he fell he grabbed onto a rope. He thought he was safe but below him there was a huge serpent with its jaws wide open, waiting for him to fall. Then as he was holding onto the rope, a black mouse and a white mouse began to nibble away at the rope. This man began to panic and became very scared until he saw a honeycomb on the side of the well. So he put his finger into it and then placed it on his tongue. For a second, he forgot about everything and enjoyed the taste. He had nothing to worry about but reality soon came crashing back to him, he was going to die.

Imam Ghazzali mentions that,
The lion is death that we all run away from.
The serpent is the grave which we all must fall into.
The rope is our life.
The black mouse and the white mouse are the night and the day which nibble away at our lives.
And the honeycomb is the dunya (world) that we are in, which is so fruitful in our eyes that we expect to live forever but as Allah the Almighty says in the Qur’an:

“Every soul has to taste death. It is on the Day of Judgement that you shall be paid your reward in full. So whosoever has been kept away from the Fire and admitted into Paradise has really succeeded. The worldly life is nothing but anillusionary enjoyment.” Surah Imran 3:185

In your life, what have you done? What is on your CV to present to Allah? The Employer of Jannah? What makes you think your so special that you deserve a place in these high ranked positions. Never lose hope and feel Allah will not forgive you, that is a major sin. Allah says,

“O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me, and hope in Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds in the sky and were you to then ask forgiveness of Me, I shall forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with a world full of sins and you were then to face Me, without having ascribed anything with Me, I shall grant you a world of pardon.” [Tirmdhi]

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