Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Spiritual Detention

“If student does not learn his lessons for a couple of days then his teacher might let him off. On the third day however, the teacher will tell him that if you do not know your lessons tomorrow, then you will be detained.

The student will most likely not learn his lesson for that day as well to see if the teacher is serious in observing his threat.

If the teacher does not detain him, then the student will continue to not learn his lesson because now he knows that the teacher is very soft.

On the contrary, if the teacher keeps to his word and detains the student, then the student will start learning his lessons.

After a few days, it is likely that student will again feel like not learning his lessons. If he begins to become lax again and the teacher punishes him once more then he will realise that the teacher is very strict.

He will also realise that the only way to find ease is to regularly learn his lessons.
Although every now and then he will still feel lazy the student will now remain punctual in learning what is required

This scenario is almost an exact replica of the situation we experience when it comes to training our nafs.

If we continue to let our nafs not learn the lessons that are required (i.e. the prescriptions given by the Shaykh) then it will know that we are very soft. Hence, it will continue to indulge in sin and negligence.

On the contrary, if we are strict with the nafs and force it to learn the lessons that are required then, it will try to rebel, but will soon come to realise that ease lies in doing what is required.
Hence, the nafs will become punctual and observant.”

By Anas Patel

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